012 – Why, What, How to Begin in Real Estate with Kekoa Lwin Co-founder Team Kekoa Investment Agent Team, Brokerage, Lending, Construction, and Property Management Companies

Today our guest is Kekoa Lwin. His real estate journey began when he bought a house and rented out the extra rooms to his college buddies. He’s been doing real estate for almost 20 years now, and he is passionate about helping other people to discover the power of passive income.

Kekoa co-founded a real estate brokerage company, private lending company, construction company, and property management company. He’ll speak on the advantages of investing in real estate and why it is better than other asset classes like stocks, bonds, and crypto. Kekoa will also give three easy steps that will help you kickstart your real estate investment journey. Listen now!


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12 - Why, What, How to Begin in Real Estate with Kekoa Lwin Co-founder Team Kekoa Investment...



Investing in Real Estate has been a passion of mine ever since I was in college where I bought my first rental.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to do over 200+ fix-n-flips across Hawaii, Seattle, and Las Vegas and amass a portfolio of over 175 rental units.

With that experience, I learned the importance of becoming vertically integrated within Real Estate. I am a proud Co-Founder of KECO Capital, Integris Real Estate, Pacific Rim Property Management, and Elevation Construction.



Website: https://www.teamkekoa.com/