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Do you find yourself struggling with:

  • Managing the demands of a medical career, family life, and entrepreneurial ventures?
  • Lack of insights and strategies to optimize productivity as a physician entrepreneur?
  • Identifying tasks to delegate and finding trustworthy assistance?
  • Allocating time effectively between professional responsibilities, personal interests, and family?
  • Feeling weighed down by lifes demands?
  • Skipping date nights with significant other due to lack of free time?
  • Finding time for weekly gratitude and check-ins with your spouse?
  • Maintaining your own health and well-being amidst a busy lifestyle?
  • Finding time and resources for personal growth and learning new skills.

If any of these sounds familiar, I’m here to help! As your Peak Performance and Productivity Doctor, I specialize in helping physician entrepreneurs free up more time to focus on their zone of genius and spend quality time with loved ones.

With my coaching, you can get back over 10 hours a week in just 1 hour!

Book a 15-Mins 1 Year 1-1 Peak Performance Coaching Qualification Call now to learn more and take control of your time.

Stay in touch by:

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Together, we can reclaim your time and reach your goals!


Vikram Raya, MD, FACC

CEO/Founder of Viking Capital, Vitology Institute, and Limitless MD

“Dr. Ann Tsung is one of the most remarkable people I know. She is a high-performance physician and a supermom. And she’s done all of that because she has learned to master two things – time and productivity. So if that’s what you’re looking for in in the next 12 months, work with Dr. Ann Tsung and she’ll take you to the next level.”

Shehzad Batliwala, DO

Physician, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Visionary


“Dr. Ann Tsung helped me break down my massive goals into manageable steps, she doesnt just talk the talk, she knows what it takes. She helped me with everything even sleep routines, nutrition, excercise how to incorporate it in our daily lives. She’s very helpful with accountability, encourageent guidance, and keeping the body and mind healthy. I am different now than a year ago and I attribute a lot of that to the discussions with Ann.”

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Joel Napeñas, DDS

CEO, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of 5DH Capital

“I really am grateful for Dr. Tsung and I know that if you work with her she’s going to do a lot to optimize your time, optimize your health and to help you reach your goals to live a better life.”

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Scott Rammage

Founder of Media Machine, Podcast Media Machine, and Brotherhood of Fatherhood

“She knows not only the skills and techniques necessary to optimize your own human biology, but she also knows ways and we’ll help you learn ways to avoid distractions and be as productive as possible.”

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Winnie Napeñas

COO, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of 5DH Capital

“She has helped me to conserve and make use of the most precious commodity that I have which is time. Dr. Tsung has helped many others like myself make better decisions in life thereby improvement of the quality of our time; and thus, more time with our family which is so important to me.”

Hasina Ashé, MD

Entrepreneur, Radiologist, Real Estate Investor


“Dr. Ann Tsung’s productivity session was a game-changer. It saved me time, optimized my life, and brought more joy. Thanks to her coaching, I now have more quality time with my kids and am successfully pursuing exciting future goals, including real estate ventures and fulfilling vacations. Dr. Ann’s expertise is truly life-transforming.”

Kristina Kypuros, MD

Physician, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Women Physician Speaker


Dr. Ann Tsung is an incredible leader in productivity, badass aerospace physician, and a phenomenal team player. She quickly helped me identify blind spots in my morning routine and coached me with techniques to improve efficiency and productivity.

Kirti Agarwal, MD

Dr. Ann has helped me overcome overwhelming challenges. I learned how to navigate and create boundaries, she has helped me in tackling delegation dilemma. I was able to set my standard and that helped me hire a VA who meets it. I thank Dr. Ann so much, I have learned a lot.


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