002 – Feeling Like a Fake – 3 Action Steps for Imposter Syndrome We Can Do Right Now

In Episode 1, Ann explained imposter syndrome and shared a bit about how she experienced and went through it herself. For today’s episode, Ann will dive deeper into that topic as she takes us back to one unfortunate incident in her life as a doctor that had badly affected the way she felt about herself. For many years she carried that load of guilt that had caused the imposter syndrome to creep into her life.

However, Ann wouldn’t have pushed herself to learn more and become a better doctor if not for that incident. Listen now and find out how she was able to change her mindset. She’ll share tips and three action steps that could help you turn your negative experience into a positive and bring back that correct sense of self-worth in you. Ann believes that you have to go within to optimize your mental and physical health. Because everything you need is already within you now, it’s not rocket science!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ann gives the reason why imposter syndrome plagues us.
  • She shares why we shouldn’t be bothered when people interpret the same thing differently.
  • It’s ok always to have some people who do not resonate with your message.
  • Our goal is to have internal validation and not need others to feel that we’re enough.
  • Step no.1 is to go back to the scenarios where you felt resistance and meditate on defining your self-worth.
  • Step no. 2 is to compile a cookie jar list and look at it every time you feel the imposter syndrome.
  • Step no. 3 is about mindset change and setting your intentions when you need to do something, and you’re worried that others might not like you or what you will do.


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2 - Feeling Like a Fake - 3 Action Steps for Imposter Syndrome We Can Do Right Now