035. What Exactly Does a NASA Surgeon Do? Q & A with Alyssa Chiev

In this Episode Host Ann Tsung, MD, MPH, sits down with UT-Dallas, Pre-Med student Alyssa Chieve and answers her questions about what its like being a NASA Surgeon.

Find out from Ann this ins and outs of Aerospace Medicine, the workload, requirements and opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing this as a career.


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35 - What Exactly Does a NASA Surgeon Do? Q & A with Alyssa Chiev



35 - What Exactly Does a NASA Surgeon Do Q & A with Alyssa ChievI am Alyssa Chiev, a sophomore pre-med biology major at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am heavily involved in research with the Gassensmith lab and I am a newsletter writer for the American Medical Women’s Association at UTD. My interest in aerospace medicine began as of recently, I knew I have always wanted to play a role in humanity’s journey into space, but I did not see how I could do that until I stumbled upon the Aerospace Medical Association and Dr. Ann Tsung. Both have inspired me to pursue this career path. For this episode, I will be asking some common questions generated from me and my peers to gain further insight into this subspecialty.